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PJSC Techmash had completed contractual works under the Reconstruction project “Installation of benzene scrubber. Installation of the final gas cooler” from February to August 2016. 

The project works included:

- steel structures fabrication;

- equipment erection;

- piping erection;

- electrical erection works;

- accompanying of commissioning works.

The project was carried out in the conditions of the running enterprise facilities.

The contractor has demonstrated flexibility, efficient performance of technical and organizational solutions as well as the proper level of erection quality within the agreed schedule.

All internal procedures of PJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih" on safety, labor protection and fire safety were followed by PJSC "PE "Techmash".

Linde Reference letter

 Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH expresses gratitude to PJSC "PE" "TECHMAS". for effective cooperation in the field of construction, particularly during the project «Air Separation Unit Construction in Krivoi Rog, Ukraine» (“ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih”).

 First of all we want to note the responsible observance of all rules and requirements for HSE.

 Throughout the entire period of cooperation, PJSC "PE" "TECHMAS" Proved itself as a reliable business partner and the supplier of hi-tech solutions in the field of industrial construction such:

 - erection of process equipment;

 - pre-fabrication & erection of process piping;

 - E & I works;

 - accompanying of commissioning;

 - anticorrosion protection of equipment & piping;

 - insulation of equipment & piping;

 - warehouse material management etc.

 High qualification of professionals in all divisions of PJSC "PE" "TECHMAS" and coordination of their work allow them to solve tasks quickly and efficiently.

 During our cooperation the company proved itself as a responsible and flexible contractor, promptly responding to Customer’s requirements, demonstrated good quality of work and industrial culture following high safety standards.

 We are looking forward for further cooperation with PJSC "PE" "TECHMAS".

 Linde Construction Manager 

 Goran Rajkovic 

 +38 169 66 56 09

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PG Reference letterTo whom it may concern,

This is a reference letter for the Tekmash construction company from Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Ukraine. Tekmash have performed construction work for us as the prime electro-mechanical contractor on a major light chemicals project for Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Ukraine over the last 2 years. The electro-mechanical contract value was approximately 70 million Grivna. They have also performed numerous smaller projects for us over the last 4 years with contract values over 5 million Grivna.  They major work on our site is substantially complete.

Tekmash have delivered high quality standards & satisfactory safety performance They have proven a highly responsive partner willing to adapt to our systems. Overall, we would strongly recommend them in Ukraine for equipment fabrication, equipment installation, piping & electrical installation.

If you require further details, please contact me via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or telephone (+380 675 430 299)

Yours faithfully,

A. MacConail

Program Manager

Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Ukraine

Reference letter of DanieliThis is a reference letter for JSC PE Techmash construction company from LLC Danieli Heavy Machinery Engineering.

JSC PE Techmash have performed activities for process equipment, piping and electrical installation at the project of "Dneprosteel" plant construction (Dnepropetrovsk).
   JSC PE Techmash have delivered quality standards and proper safety performance, have promptly reacted at arising problems and issues. They have proven a highly responsive partner willing to adapt to our working systems.

    We recommend JSC PE Techmash as the company capable to complete process equipment, piping and electrical installation delivering quality and meeting the set deadlines.

Best regards,
Managing Director

Reference letter of MalteuropDear Ladies and Gentlemen

 Company «MALTEUROP», represented by Mr. Denis Julien, Group Technical Director and «MALTEUROP» International Projects Manager herewith certifies that Techmash company, legally located in Dnepropetrovsk, was one of our main partners during construction of our plants in Kharkov and Chernigov.  

Data on services:

Performance of works for equipment erection;  barley and malt transportation network construction in storage facilities, raw materials processing shop and finished products shops in line with technical specifications of  «MALTEUROP» company (main contractor) and at following engineering and calculations, carried out by chief designer (MALTEUROP»), as well as local design organizations.

Assembly of steel structures in their workshop and on site, technical erection within the set tolerances for the imported modern equipment. 

Assembly and erection of the conveyers designed and fabricated by their own. 

Works commissioning in accordance with the set Plan for Works Execution.  

For your guidance, total amount of construction works performed by Techmash for both plants amounted to around  10 mln UAH (1,2 mln EUR).

I would like to particularly emphasize our satisfaction of partnership and trust atmosphere established with this company. Its representative Alexander Kolomoyets (Managing Director) and, on majority of occasions, his employees, have always responded positively and efficiently to our requirements and participated in the search of technical solutions should there be any assembly complications. All this was done in full compliance with the set method statement and safety rules.  

We will not hesitate to restore our trust to this company  in order to implement future projects or perform maintenance of the existing ones.  

«MALTEUROP» Group Technical Director

De Smet Reference letter                                                 To whom it may concern :

      We have contracted JV Company Tekhmash, Belostotskogo str., 118/1, Dnepropetrovsk,
Ukraine, to perform the erection works of an oilseed extraction plant supplied by us to the company Black Sea Industries in Ilychevsk.
These erection works comprised the installation of the equipment and piping, the electrical installation, the installation of lighting, fire protection and grounding equipment, including all required testing.
     We have been very satisfied by the work performed by Tekhmash, in a difficult context requiring great flexibility from our contractors. The works have been conducted according to professional standards and within the contractual timeframe.
     The plant was started up successfully in January of this year.
    We can certainly recommend Tekhmash for similar works.

Brigitte Malou

Director Project Execution

Malteurop Reference letter, 2005Since February 2004 CJSC PE "Tehmash" has been executing the works at Kharkov Malt Plant of "MALTEUROP"' Eastern-Ukrainian LTD for installation of technological equipment made in Denmark, France, Ukraine, technological piping (including stainless steel thin-walled pipes), steam and hot water piping, aspiration and ventilation systems.

   The company has qualified and responsible engineering and technical staff. The enterprise owns the necessary equipment and instruments for the whole range of works execution.
    The works are being completed at good quality and according to agreed deadlines.

Technical Director
"MALTEUROP"' Eastern-Ukrainian LTD

Kirovogradoliya Reference letterHerewith please be informed that the installation of electrical and automation parts of the extraction plant (extraction section, degumming section, palletizing section) has been completed by your staff in accordance with De Smet company process drawings in full scope and at high quality.


With best regards,
Chief Engineer

Zaporozhye Oil and Fat Plant Reference letterSince October 2002 up to the present moment Closed Joint Stock Company Production Enterprise "Tehmash" has been the contractor for the installation of the technological equipment of Belgian firm De Smet for margarine production at Zaporozhye Oil and Fats Plant.

"Tehmash" specialists have been installing the main technological equipment, piping (including stainless steel thin-walled pipes), control and measuring devices and electrical equipment.

   The company demonstrates high organizational level, capable to find solutions to provide work for 150 specialists executing technically complicated targets at high quality level.


Director for production
CJSC "Zaporozhye Oil and Fats Plant"