De Smet Reference letter                                                 To whom it may concern :

      We have contracted JV Company Tekhmash, Belostotskogo str., 118/1, Dnepropetrovsk,
Ukraine, to perform the erection works of an oilseed extraction plant supplied by us to the company Black Sea Industries in Ilychevsk.
These erection works comprised the installation of the equipment and piping, the electrical installation, the installation of lighting, fire protection and grounding equipment, including all required testing.
     We have been very satisfied by the work performed by Tekhmash, in a difficult context requiring great flexibility from our contractors. The works have been conducted according to professional standards and within the contractual timeframe.
     The plant was started up successfully in January of this year.
    We can certainly recommend Tekhmash for similar works.

Brigitte Malou

Director Project Execution