Reference letter of MalteuropDear Ladies and Gentlemen

 Company «MALTEUROP», represented by Mr. Denis Julien, Group Technical Director and «MALTEUROP» International Projects Manager herewith certifies that Techmash company, legally located in Dnepropetrovsk, was one of our main partners during construction of our plants in Kharkov and Chernigov.  

Data on services:

Performance of works for equipment erection;  barley and malt transportation network construction in storage facilities, raw materials processing shop and finished products shops in line with technical specifications of  «MALTEUROP» company (main contractor) and at following engineering and calculations, carried out by chief designer (MALTEUROP»), as well as local design organizations.

Assembly of steel structures in their workshop and on site, technical erection within the set tolerances for the imported modern equipment. 

Assembly and erection of the conveyers designed and fabricated by their own. 

Works commissioning in accordance with the set Plan for Works Execution.  

For your guidance, total amount of construction works performed by Techmash for both plants amounted to around  10 mln UAH (1,2 mln EUR).

I would like to particularly emphasize our satisfaction of partnership and trust atmosphere established with this company. Its representative Alexander Kolomoyets (Managing Director) and, on majority of occasions, his employees, have always responded positively and efficiently to our requirements and participated in the search of technical solutions should there be any assembly complications. All this was done in full compliance with the set method statement and safety rules.  

We will not hesitate to restore our trust to this company  in order to implement future projects or perform maintenance of the existing ones.  

«MALTEUROP» Group Technical Director