Dear Sirs,

Welcome to website of PJSC PE Techmash!

We have been operating in the market for over 20 years, having implemented strategically important industrial projects Ukraine-wide.

The latest example is construction of the biggest in the Eastern Europe steel mill «Interpipe Steel» in Dnepropetrovsk where we have performed complete scope of mechanical, piping & electrical erection and accompanying of commissioning.

Construction business has its own peculiarities; it's hard to remain competitive without moving forward, with unchanged approaches and zero investment in staff training and technical upgrade.

I am confident that the choice of professional portfolio available on construction market is now completed for us.

For the customers who wish to obtain a turnkey project, we offer a package of services in alliance with our partners.

In complex & constantly changing environment which each individual project in fact is -all project team members at certin stage need to mobilize maximum of their intellectual potential and stress resistance.

I am convinced that the fact that the vast majority of Techmash personnel have been working for the company from 5 to 10 years and over proves that we are team of professionals and friends.

You are welcome to become our clients or partners!


Alexander Kolomoyets